Wilson 20/20 Community Vision an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life, the educational opportunities, the workforce, and the economy in Wilson, NC.  Our approach and our success is dependent on the participation and support of all major entities in Wilson including government, health care, economic development, business development, churches, education, social programs, and the press.



Improving the Quality of Life

Improving Collaboration

Improving Education and Workforce Development

Improving the Economy 


“The Greater Wilson Community is dynamic and vibrant, with a diversified, entrepreneurial economy and inclusive, compassionate culture, enriching all with an unparalleled quality of life.”



We Are a Regional Employment Center.

Our strategic location, transportation and information technology infrastructure, abundant water and land resources, and highly trained workforce sustain a diverse commercial and industrial base. We nurture new and existing business growth.

We carefully manage commercial, industrial, and residential growth in ways that preserve open space and our history and encourage investments across all parts of the community. Our vital, historic downtowns are hubs of cultural and commercial activity. Sidewalks, bikeways, and greenways connect our beautiful neighborhoods.

We Are a Community of Educational Excellence.

We encourage a culture that embraces life-long learning, providing opportunities for all. Our families, early childhood programs, K-12 schools, Barton College, Wilson Community College, business, faith-based, and other community organizations, work together to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

We enjoy a rich variety of social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities for persons of every age and income. Our superb athletic facilities, parks, arts, cultural attractions, and other amenities make our community highly desirable for young adults, families, and retirees to call home and for tourists to visit.

We Are a Healthy Community.

community-photoWe share a holistic view of wellness for all our citizens at all stages of life and socioeconomic status. Healthy lifestyles are supported by excellent health care professionals and facilities; comprehensive, caring, community-based wellness programs; and a clean environment.

We are “one” community that respects and celebrates our diversity with active efforts to assure justice, harmony, and understanding. We take pride in our beautiful, safe neighborhoods where civic engagement is strong and local leadership is developed.

We Work Together.

We are a community that works together to support this shared vision. Our local governments and other community institutions cooperate extensively to create a friendly climate for home grown businesses, community betterment efforts, and excellent quality of life. We create and achieve our vision because we are a collaborative community.