Youth Master Plan

Youth Master Plan – A Community Plan To Support Our Youth

In 2012, the Board of Wilson 20/20 worked in partnership with READY BY 21 to conduct a community survey of programs and resources available to our youth and families in Wilson County.  The findings of this survey became the starting point for our community to begin working on the Wilson County Youth Master Plan.  The Wilson County Schools and the Wilson 20/20 Board have joined in partnership to work with the community to create a Youth Master Plan designed to improve the outcomes for all Wilson County Youth.



Team Leaders:
Transition to College – David Lyndon, Executive Director of Secondary Education, Wilson County Schools

Transition to Workforce – Wendy Winslow, Site Compliance Lead, Merck

Our Mission:
To empower youth and their families to become better educated and more productive.


Outcome Statements:

  • Wilson youth will have expanded access to college through increased support avenues, effective communication channels, and
    funding opportunities.
  • Wilson youth will be prepared for employment after graduation from high school or completion of a high school equivalency exam.
  • Wilson youth who are illiterate and disengaged from the schools will be identified and connected with appropriate resources to
    develop literacy skills.
  • Wilson you service providers will build partnerships with business and industry, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to improving the outcomes for youth.

Team Leaders:
Candice Rountree, Program Manager, Wilson County Department of Social Services

Mary Mallory, Program Manager, Wilson County Department of Social Services

Our Mission:
Working collectively to improve the health and wellness of children and youth.


Outcome Statements:

  • Children and youth will make responsible healthy decisions.
  • Children and youth will be physically healthy.
  • Children and youth will be emotionally healthy.
  • Children will have healthy beginnings.

Team Leaders:
Susan Bullock, Assistant Superintendent, Wilson County Schools

Our Mission:
All Wilson County students will be prepared to be lifelong learners who are responsible and productive citizens and leaders with a
global and cultural awareness. Students will be innovative problem solver who can collaborate and communicate and will be 21st
century ready.


Outcome Statements:

  • Wilson students will be prepared to succeed in rigorous courses.
  • Wilson students will become lifelong learners who continually seek new information and new skills through various learning
  • Wilson students will have social, civic, and academic responsibilities.

Team Leaders:

Our Mission:
To ensure all children and youth have access to and participate in a variety of quality programs during out of school time.


Outcome Statements:

  • Youth and parents will be aware of safe programs and activities offered during out of school time.
  • Youth will be engaged in quality out of school time programs and activities.
  • Youth will be provided safe transportation enabling them to attend out of school time programs and activities.
  • Youth will have quality tutoring programs in alignment with the NC Standard Course of Study.

Team Leaders:
Scott Biddle, Major, Wilson Police Department

Our Mission:
Identify, make accessible, and create resources that provide the safest environment possible for the youth of Wilson to make appropriate decisions and become the future leaders of Wilson

safety-ymp-playground-captionOutcome Statements:

  • We will establish safe environments for students in our schools.
  • We will establish safe environments for the youth in our community.

Youth Master Plan – A Community Plan To Support Our Youth

2016 Highlights:

  • Received grant funding from the Healthcare Foundation of Wilson for the implementation of the Eat Smart, Move More Campaign
  • Received grant funding from the Healthcare Foundation of Wilson for Wilson’s first school based health center to increase student health, performance, and attendance
  • Improved pathways for youth in our local high schools to have work-based learning experiences (internships, job shadowing, career exploration) with local businesses
  • Opened the Wilson Academy of Applied Technology for 65 local high school students to receive degrees and training that will provide the skills for immediate employment after graduation
  • Maintained one of the safest school districts in NC by providing the appropriate training and evaluations to prepare local responders and school personnel in the event of an emergency
  • Provided summer athletic camp experiences for more than 600 Wilson youth to establish positive experiences and relationships with local law enforcement officers